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November 2016

How to Stay Bikini-Ready Throughout the Holiday Season: Full Body Workout


Ladies, I absolutely love the holiday season! Beautifully decorated streets and homes, endless get-togethers with the loved ones, music, laughter, delicious food and anticipation that something magical is about to happen! During this time of the year its so easy to get off track with your regular diet and exercise regimen. Not only you are limited on time but also on energy. Plus who wants to go to the gym when its cold and dark outside?!

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Five Yoga Moves for Relaxation, Cramp Relief & PMS


Hello, beautiful! So today we are going to get a little bit personal. Lately I received a lot of questions regarding working out during that “special time of the month”. So if you are still not sure if its ok to workout during your period-the answer is yes! Its absolutely fine as long as you are not experiencing cramps. If you do then you need to let your muscles relax.

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How to Balance a Healthy Lifestyle with Family & Friends During Holidays

This Holiday season is going to be very special for me. Its not a secret that my whole family has be...

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