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January 2017

Benefits of Drinking Water: Everything You Should Know


Water is such a simple substance to consume, yet so many of us don’t get enough each day. When you sit back to think about how much water you drink, you may come up with some questions:

  • How much water should we drink per day?
  • Does water really help to speed up metabolism?
  • What are some of the most important benefits of drinking water?
  • Does drinking substances like tea count towards daily water intake?
  • Does adding lemon to water achieve anything?

Today I will answer all of these important questions and much more. My main goal is for you to realize all the amazing health benefits water contains and, if you are not already, become best friends with this “elixir of life.”

Alright, lets talk about water!

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Your New Year Resolutions 2017 Full Body Workout


Happy New Year, fabulous! It’s time for new beginnings, new experiences, new adventures and new YOU!

Today we are in Rome, my favorite city in the entire world. I have endless love and eternal admiration for this incredible, gorgeous, sensational place. I’ve been madly in love with this city¬†from the moment I set my foot in Rome many years ago. It’s my place of hope, dreams and inspiration.

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