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September 2017

Lets Try Something Different: Barre Workout for Beginners


Who hasn’t heard about Barre Workouts yet?! I am sure by now everyone has. This trend has recently being on the rise and rightfully so. With a combination of ballet, pilates and sometimes yoga, these classes work like a fine-tuning for your body. Did I pick your interest?! Then lets discuss some of the most awesome benefits of a Barre Workout for your body, how often it should be done and of course I will leave you with a Barre Workout of your own!

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No More Excuses


Do you know whats the number one excuse for not taking care of yourself? I don’t have time. Ladies, it’s time! We can make as many excuses as we want but at the end of the day we are not hurting anyone else but ourselves.

Every single day when you wake up you have a choice how to spend each second of it. You make decisions what food to put in your body, what activities to perform, how much rest to give to yourself, how to manage stressful situations, etc. Yes, life can get hectic. But its not an excuse to neglect your mind and body-the essence of what helps you to function and perform at the highest level of your capacity in all areas of your life all day every day. Lets decide once and for all-no more excuses and crush them all one by one today.

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Why You Should Workout in the Morning


Good morning, fabulous! Happy brand new day! Each morning gives us a unique opportunity to start fresh, presents with endless possibilities and sets the tone for the rest of the day. How incredible is that? And what a better way to start your day than by taking care of your mind and body? While I do believe that choosing the best time for a workout is very individual and based on personal preferences as well as physiology, I am a big proponent of a morning workouts.

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