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3 Tips To Get Your Lower Abs Show


How many times you heard someone complaining about their lower abs? How many times you wanted for yours to pop? If you tried everything and now convinced that it all has to do with genetics, then I have exciting news for you-its not!

I am going to share with you my top three effective, and at the same time surprising, tips that will change those hard-to-reach lower abs forever. In addition, I will show you five exercises that will target and tone your lower abs without the use of special equipment in just five minutes.

Tip 1. Mind The Muscle

Several studies recently found that when you perform any ab exercise, mentally focusing on a specific muscle, and how it moves, works that muscle 22 percent harder! Greater muscle activity makes every single move more effective therefore giving you the desired results faster!

Every time I suggest this trick to my clients, there are amazed how much more they feel their abs after the workout. One of my favorite things about this process is that it requires a lot of concentration therefore you are not thinking about anything else but the exercise.

Next time you are working out-give it a try!

Tip 2. Quality Over Quantity

 Forget about the amount of reps you can perform. What did you just say, Anastasiya?! Yes, that’s right. Quantity does not matter if you are engaging the wrong muscles. During each ab exercise focus on the form by deeply engaging your lower abs throughout the entire move instead of using hip flexors or the momentum.

How do you know if you are holding a proper form? Easy! During the exercise, pull your lower abs in toward your spine, keep your tailbone neutral and make sure to maintain a flat back throughout the entire exercise. I recommend to progress through each move slowly to keep your form and alignment intact. It sounds like a lot of things to keep in mind, but the more you practice the more it will become your second nature.

If at any point you feel like you begin arching your back, using other muscles or lots of momentum-stop, regroup and keep going. That will really make a difference!

Tip 3. Shape of You

 Finally! Yes, its true that genetics determine the shape of your abs, but your body fat percentage plays a crucial role in having those lower abs show. Some of us can have a six pack while others nice, smooth stomach. The goal is not to have a body of someone you saw on your Instagram feed or on the cover of a Health Magazine, it should always be to reach the top level of your genetic potential. How? Strength Training and Nutrition.

Your core is made with your daily workouts and reveled with nutrition. So what you eat is absolutely number one contributor to those sexy, toned lower abs. If you are looking for healthy, delicious, easy-to-make recipes, then check out my Nutrition Meal Plans that are customized based on your specific goals-Slim Down, Tone Up, Wellness, Beauty or Beginner.

Get Toned Meal Plan
Of course, exercise selection is one of the key components to sculpting your lower abs. Last year I selected for you my top 5 Best Lower Abs Exercises and took you to South Beach, Miami for a workout. This year I am bringing to you five brand new moves, because we need to continue to challenge ourselves and our muscles to get the most out of the workouts, from Amalfi Coast in Italy.

The best part about these exercises? You guessed it! No special equipment is required, so you can take these moves with you anywhere this summer-beach, poolside, backyard and even your hotel room! Once you feel like you can maintain a proper form throughout the entire workout, you can do two or even three sets of these exercises in a row.

Amalfi Coast is always a good idea! I will see you there, fabulous!

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