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Beginner’s Guide to Achieving Fitness Goals


Hey fabulous beginner! This post I dedicate to YOU, the one who is about to embark on this exciting fitness journey! And to those who stopped working out and now ready to jump back into the world of healthy lifestyle. Today we’ll talk about how to achieve your fitness goals!

Whats the difference between setting a goal and actually achieving it? Saying that you want to lose some weight, tone up or eat healthy is a great start, but without the action plan how you are going to achieve it, this is just a wish. So today you and I are going to prepare an action plan for you! Its time to shift from goal setting to goal achieving stage. How exciting is that?!

There are three things that you can start incorporating into your every day life that will assist you in achieving your goal and establish healthy habits.

1. Let’s Be Clear

A few months ago I talked about setting a specific goal in my How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions video. This is a very important step in achieving your goal and absolutely cannot be skipped.

Get as specific as possible about the goal you want to achieve. For example, if you want to lose weight, ask yourself: How much weight I want to loose? What is the deadline for me to achieve this goal? How it will make me feel once that goal is achieved?

The more specific you get, the more real it will feel and that will move it from just being a wish to a goal.

I recently had a client who told me during the initial assessment that she wanted to lose some weight and tone up. Awesome goal! But I encouraged her to get into specifics. She thought about it and shared that she had a beach trip coming up in a month and a half. She wanted to drop two sizes, to wear shorts and feel confident in them by that time. Fantastic goal!

As a fitness and lifestyle coach my goal is for every woman I work with not only to look good, but also to feel amazing and confident in her body, which is just as important. Once we established our goal, we set a clear action plan of how to get there and this leads me to our second step.

2. What’s Your Game Plan

Now this part is all about the strategy of how you are going to achieve your goal. Create a list of actions that you will take and trust me, the more specific you are about that game plan, the more chances you have of getting to that finish line.

For example, with my client we discussed how many times per week she would work out with me one on one and also on her own. How her nutrition plan would look like on a daily basis and how often she would measure her progress (either by using a scale or a measuring tape, even though you know in my opinion measuring tape is the best and most accurate way to track your progress). We also decided on how often I would check on her to see if she was following the plan.

Once specific goals were established and action plan created, it was time for execution and that leads me to our final step.

3. I’ve Got Stamina

This is it! This is the most crucial and important step that will take you from goal setting to goal achievement. How exciting is this?!

So this is how you do it. Once your list of things to do is created, move two or three things from that list to your daily to-do list. For example, my client on a daily basis committed to eating clean ( fresh and organic fish, meat, veggies and fruit) and walking instead of taking a public transportation. She also increased her water intake and worked out with me one on one twice a week. I checked in with her twice a week to make sure she is staying on track with our plan and to monitor her progress.

Has it been easy? Nope! On a third week of our execution stage, she accidentally discovered a whole drawer filled with her favorite candies. She completely forgot about them and boy oh boy it was hard not give into the temptation. But she didn’t! Instead, she gave every single candy to her co-workeres and friends.

Has there been any set backs? Absolutely! During one of the weekends, her friends came to visit. And somehow the celebration was moved to a pub with lots of beer and not-so-healthy food options.

But she consistently and persistently moved forward and the results in just a month and a half were astonishing! She lost 5 centimeters (2 inches) from her waist and hips and she looked amazing. But most importantly, she felt energized, happy and so confident that for the first time in many years she went shopping and got herself a new wardrobe, including two pairs of short shorts she dreamed about for years! How exciting and inspirational is this?!

Tools for Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Now as I got you all fired up (hopefully!), you might be unsure where to begin. I got you! This 15 Minute Beginner Workout is definitely an excellent start. I created it specifically with you in mind. But please don’t be disappointed if you cannot complete the whole thing right away. Instead, concentrate on a quality of each move rather than how many repetitions of each exercise you can complete.

Once you feel like this workout is getting easy, you will be ready for my 4 Week Workout Calendar. Its an excellent tool that provides you with daily workouts that focus on different parts of the body and sculpt it from every angle.

Of course, nutrition is 80% of your success story and with that in mind I created Anastasiya Craze Nutrition Plans. Why not just one?! Because each one of us has different goals in mind, therefore all my nutrition plans are customized specifically to fit your needs-Get Toned, Slim Down, Wellness,  Beauty and of course Beginner (if this is your first time following a nutrition plan, I definitely recommend to start with this one).

I personally have being following the Wellness Plan for over four years. The results exceeded all of my expectations-my skin is glowing, I have tons of energy, haven’t been sick in years and I forgot what its like to feel bloated.

So now you have both pieces of the puzzle! And if you are looking for that daily support, motivation and inspiration, I welcome you to join my private Anastasiya Craze Facebook group (ladies only!).

Final Thoughts

If you are consistent and persistent with your goal, you will achieve it. Period. So often people waste time looking for a secret formula. They want to skip all those important steps and get the results as soon as possible. But if you want to achieve your goal, and most importantly, maintain the results for the rest of your life (otherwise whats the point of putting all that hard work and dedication), you must stay consistent and determined.

Of course, I am not only talking about fitness goals. I know from my life experience, that everything in this world is possible-pursuing your dreams (left my small town in Ukraine by myself at 16 years old and moved to the US to pursue “American dream”), learning a new language (learned four), moving to a new country (done it three times) getting a promotion (was promoted to an Investment Advisor position among over 800 applicants, most of whom were men), leaving a successful career to do something you are truly passionate about (currently at it).

Push your limits, go for your biggest dreams and remember most of fears and doubts only exist in our heads. Welcome to the Anastasiya Craze Community, fabulous!

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