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5 Reasons to Incorporate A Good Stretching Routine Into Your Day


If you’ve ever been to Rome, you couldn’t help but stumble upon the charming and magical garden of art and nature: Villa Borghese.

It crowns Rome in a glorious canopy of green and offers a breath of fresh air for its visitors year-round. Graceful trees, relaxing fountains, romantic walkways, serene lake, secret gardens and of course unforgettable views of the city at sunsets.

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I Dare You to Believe You Can Do It


When it comes to body image, there are so many beautiful, amazing, intelligent, talented women not recognizing who they see in the mirror. The self-doubt and negative talk going on inside our heads keeps us from seeing who we truly are.

Let’s stop the madness. We have to stop sabotaging our own amazing ideas by coming up with 10 reasons why they won’t work. We must stop giving up on what our health and bodies could be because we don’t believe we have the ability or stamina to get in better shape.

Let’s finally start believing in our smarts, talents, abilities and — most of all — ourselves.

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