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The Ultimate Luxury Travel Guide to Geneva, Switzerland


Join me as I explore Geneva, Switzerland in 24 hours. We’ll stay at the luxurious Hotel President Wilson, take a walk along Lake Geneva and around the city.
In the evening, we’ll enjoy some delicious hot white chocolate and Swiss cheese at the Grand Hotel Kempinski, explore Geneva’s nightlife and stop for a delicious dinner at Geneva’s first hotel, Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues.

Verbier, Switzerland: Where to Travel for Your Next Ski Vacation


Ever since I discovered vin chaud and learned how to ski, I can hardly wait for a ski season to begin. I love exploring new ski resorts and all the best they have to offer. This year my choice fell on Verbier, Switzerland. As I later found out, not a lot of people in the U.S. heard about this gorgeous ski destination even though it has been the resort of choice of crème de la crème for many years and it is recognized as one of the premiere “off-piste” resorts in the world.

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Best Valentine’s Day Destinations for All the Single Ladies (And Men)


There were times when single women and men all over the world dreaded the idea of Valentine’s Day. They either tried to completely ignore it or to find someone last minute who would celebrate this day with them. Needless to say, most of the time it led to big disappointments, awkward dinner conversations, regrets, and a single question, “Am I ever going to find that special someone?”

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