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5 Reasons to Incorporate A Good Stretching Routine Into Your Day


If you’ve ever been to Rome, you couldn’t help but stumble upon the charming and magical garden of art and nature: Villa Borghese.

It crowns Rome in a glorious canopy of green and offers a breath of fresh air for its visitors year-round. Graceful trees, relaxing fountains, romantic walkways, serene lake, secret gardens and of course unforgettable views of the city at sunsets.

Its a perfect place for leisure and pleasure where you can stroll on a fine day, watch colorful fireworks, have an expansive picnic, or complete a nice and relaxing stretching routine.

Stretching is important in improving flexibility, helping our joints to move through their full range of motion, enabling our muscles to work most effectively and, of course, preventing injuries. Incorporating stretching into your daily routine is just as important to body function and overall health as regular exercise.

Not convinced yet? Let’s look at five specific benefits of daily stretching.

1. Reducing Soreness

Stretching before and after a workout gives your muscles time to relax. It increases blood flow to your muscles reducing post-workout soreness, shortening recovery time, and improving overall health.

2. Improving Energy Levels

If you spend a lot of time behind a desk, chances are your energy levels decrease with every hour and — by the middle of the day  — you’re having trouble staying awake. Sound familiar?

One of the best ways to boost your energy levels (no, not a piece of a cheesecake, even though that does sound tempting) is to get out of your seat and do some stretches. That allows your mind and body to be more alert and, therefore, to quickly and efficiently revitalize your energy levels.

3. Improving Athletic Performance

If your muscles are contracted, they will be less effective during exercises. That’s why its so important to always spend a few minutes prior to your workout stretching. It will relax your muscles and, therefore, enable them to be more active during exercises.

4. Reducing Cholesterol

Paired with healthy nutrition and regular exercise, engaging in prolonged stretching may reduce cholesterol in your body.

5. Promoting an Optimistic Outlook

Stretching has powerful stress-busting abilities. It jump-starts your mind and body after you wake up and provides a sense of tranquility before bed. You will feel more relaxed and catch some serious Zs.

So, who is ready for a Feel Good Stretching Routine in a charming Villa Borghese?! You can do this stretching routine by itself or combine it with any of my workouts to get a nice stretch, increase blood flow to your muscles, reduce soreness after a workout, as well as improve flexibility and posture.

A healthy lifestyle not only changes our bodies, it changes our mind, attitude, and mood. I will see you at the next destination, fabulous!



  • Estrella

    Great post, I agree stretching is so vital for everyday routine. How many minutes do you recommend to stretch before and after a workout?

    • Anastasiya

      Thats a great question, Estrella! I would recommend 5-10 minutes. If you have a foam roller, you can start with 5-10 minutes on a foam roller working out all the tight knots and then move on to 5-10 minutes of stretching with each stretch lasting about 20-30 seconds.

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