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How to Make Sure This Year You’ll Achieve Your Fitness Goals (3 Easy Steps)

First post of the year is always special. It feels like it sets the tone, so I always put a lot of thought into choosing the topic. This time I didn’t want it to be the latest fitness trend (we have the whole year to talk about those!) or a new healthy recipes I discovered over the holidays (this year you will find tons of new ones on the blog, I promise!) So I thought and thought about it and then I asked myself, “What is one subject, when it comes to fitness goals, is important to each one of us stepping into this new year?” And the answer came right away-how to make sure that this year we achieve our fitness goals. That’s what truly is important to us right now, isn’t it?

 We all feel the fresh start at the beginning of the year. We are inspired and motivated to do things differently, to go for our goals and finally achieve them. But unfortunately life comes at us fast. So fast that by January 15, ninety five percent of people who make new year resolutions give up on them. How crazy is that? But not you, fabulous! Not this year!

This year I created three easy steps that will assist you in learning from your set backs in 2017 and making sure they won’t happen in 2018. These three easy steps hold the key to doing things differently than any other prior year. Follow them and I promise to you, 2018 will be the year of change. It will be the year when you finally achieve your fitness goals. Are you ready? Without further ado, here they are!

1. Leave The Past Where It Belongs

As I work with women from all over the world, one common thing that I notice, no matter where they are from-France, U.S. Maldives or Canada-they are all certain that because of the past failures with their fitness goals, its almost certain that it will happen again. They write me long emails describing in details how they successfully lost weight and then gained it right back. They send me pictures as a proof of those emails and even during our initial sessions, express their concern over and over again of how they failed because of one reason or another, feeling certain that it will happen again.

What I want for you to understand is that even if you fail one thousand times or one time in the past, it does not mean that it has to happen again. Things that happened in the past serve us as  learning opportunities, as a self-growth material, but by no means as an indication of a future. And guess who is the only person who is in charge of what happens next?! Yes, you fabulous! How powerful is that?! No one and nothing can control what happens in your present and future, but you! So let’s leave the past where it belongs and move on.

So how do we make sure that we set ourselves for success in 2018? Excellent question! And that leads me to the next step.

2. Doing The Same Thing Over & Over Again and Expecting Different Results…

I believe that the more we are honest and in tune with ourselves, our feelings and emotions the happier and successful we are in every single area of our lives, including fitness. If you’ve been doing the same thing in the past over and over again that at some point always failed, it is time to do something different.

Lets say you’ve been putting yourself on a strict diet, getting results, but the weight after some time kept coming back (sometimes even with a few extra friends). Or you’ve been starting new year with working out regularly, but the more time has been passing by, the more you felt like your enthusiasm about workouts has been diminishing. And by fall you’ve been promising to yourself that next year things would be different.

You know yourself best and if there were things in the past that lead to the same results, its time for a change this year. If a certain diet didn’t work for you in the past then its time to find a Nutrition Plan that works for you. Or you know that you tend to lose motivation working out on the regular basis- find a friend who will workout together with you (you will be less likely to skip a workout knowing that someone is waiting on you).

Or hire an accountability coach who will hold you accountable for your fitness goals. As a fitness and lifestyle coach, I work with a lot of women from all over the world and part of my job is to hold them accountable for the goals they set for themselves. It seems like not a big deal, but just a text from me after a long day of work, reminding them to go workout or to have a healthy dinner, makes a world of a difference.

3. What’s Your Plan?

Life can be very unpredictable. So it is important to always have a plan of action just in case you get interrupted with your regular workout or nutrition routine. Let’s say something happened and you are not able to go to the gym for a few days. Maybe you have to work from home because one of your kids is under the weather or there is a super tight deadline and you cannot waste a second. Not a problem. You can always workout at home. Turn on a YouTube channel, like mine, with hundreds of effective workouts to choose from and go for it. You don’t need a gym or special equipment to get or stay in shape.

Another common situation. Let’s say you tend to overeat after a stressful day at work. If your eating habits tied to emotions, figure out some other ways that bring you equal satisfaction. For example, taking a bubble bath with candles and relaxing music or getting a massage or calling a friend who will cheer you up. Find a way that works for you and always have it ready in the emergency situation to avoid any setbacks.

Before you go, let me present to you a brand new Back on Track Workout

that will mark the beginning of our 2018 workout season! As always, expect lots of exciting and effective workouts from the most stunning and unique destinations all over the world (I already have some of the destinations lined up…I promise they will blow your mind!)

Let 2018 truly be the year of transformation. I am giving you all the tools that you need. And now it is only up to you to make it happen. I believe in you, fabulous!

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How to Make Sure This Year You’ll Achieve Your Fitness Goals (3 Easy Steps)

First post of the year is always special. It feels like it sets the tone, so I always put a lot of t...

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