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Lets Try Something Different: Barre Workout for Beginners


Who hasn’t heard about Barre Workouts yet?! I am sure by now everyone has. This trend has recently being on the rise and rightfully so. With a combination of ballet, pilates and sometimes yoga, these classes work like a fine-tuning for your body. Did I pick your interest?! Then lets discuss some of the most awesome benefits of a Barre Workout for your body, how often it should be done and of course I will leave you with a Barre Workout of your own!

Is It Worth It?!

Yes, it is!

But, Anastasiya! I am already doing strength training/yoga/running/pilates. Why should I try Barre Workouts? How is it different?

Excellent question, fabulous! The main difference is rather than performing larger movements like lunges or squats, barre workout is focusing on tiny, one-inch increments. These kind of movements fire up your muscle in a completely different way making it more elastic while improving your posture, core strength and lifting and toning your lower body.

There are many benefits to Barre Workout, but today lets talk about specific three, that in my opinion, are the most significant.

1. Get Stronger

Alright, ladies, without going into too many complicated details, the main differentiator of a barre workout from other activities you’ve done before- are the isometric contractions. All this means is that your muscle tenses without changing length, like during strength training. So you can do more repetitions with those small movements and therefore fatigue your muscles in a completely different way. These one-inch movements improve your endurance in comparison to the larger ones that help with speed and power.

Bonus: Isometric movements can help strengthen muscles without straining ligaments and tendons, so if a tradition strength training isn’t for you-barre workout might be the answer you are looking for.

2. Two for One

When you are performing barre moves, you will be targeting multiple groups at once, hence making your workouts highly efficient. You will be holding, pulsing, stretching with each move. That will not only allow you to work more muscles at the same time, but also raise the heart rate and burn more calories.

3. Lose It

Of course, I will never stop repeating that those of you who are on a weight loss journey-your nutrition should be the number one focus. But if you stay consistent with your barre workouts, you will start to see your body changing.
It will increase your endurance, enhance mobility, improve posture, lift your bootay, strengthen your core and you will notice a change in weight.
How fast? It depends. Based on your body type and fitness level, you can start to see and feel changes anywhere between two to six weeks.

My Barre Background

It might come as a surprise for a lot of you, but I’ve been into barre workouts even before they become trendy. I started dancing at a very early age and barre workouts were a part of my weekly three hour classes that I took twice a week. They were tough. I am not going to lie. We had a very strict Eastern European teacher, the kind you would see in the movies. She was watching my every move like a hawk. She didn’t hesitate to come to you and, in front of the whole class, hit you between the shoulder blades so you stand straighter. Or pull your leg up during the hold so your body started to shake uncontrollably but you knew lowering that leg even by an inch wasn’t an option.

But I could tell you those classes were amazing. Not only I had the best posture of all the years, I was super flexible. And I truly enjoyed the classes. They were challenging, but fun and motivational.

Body Sculpting Barre Workout

If you’ve never taken a ballet class or done a barre workout, you might feel a little intimidated. Maybe you feel like you are not a good dancer or that you need some prior experience before attempting these type of exercises. Let me assure you that no prior dancing or barre experience needed to complete this workout. I will tell you even more-you don’t need any special equipment and you can perform it absolutely anywhere. You can use a chair at home or a hotel room, a fence in the backyard or a bench in the park. You know my philosophy-where this is a will there is a way.

Barre Workout we will do today is an introductory workout for Beginners. Please follow my instructions, challenge yourself and have fun with it, ladies! If you enjoy it, please let me know in the comments on my channel and I will create a more advanced version for you in the near future! And now-ready, set, plié!

The Takeaway

Yes, its not for everyone. Just like yoga, running, strength training, swimming-you need to find things that you truly enjoy. If you try barre workout and find it exciting and motivational, go for it!

I wouldn’t recommend to substitute your regular weekly workouts with them, but more have these type of workouts as an addition to your established routine. You still need to have cardio as a part of your training in the form of running, swimming, climbing, dancing, etc. As well as strength training workouts like this Bodyweight HIIT Workout that you can do absolutely anywhere.

As my final words of wisdom for this week, I want to remind you to mix up your workout routine as much as possible, get your body moving and mind focused and entertained. Do that and you will not only remain consistent with your workouts, but also stay healthy and fit for life.

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