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No More Excuses


Do you know whats the number one excuse for not taking care of yourself? I don’t have time. Ladies, it’s time! We can make as many excuses as we want but at the end of the day we are not hurting anyone else but ourselves.

Every single day when you wake up you have a choice how to spend each second of it. You make decisions what food to put in your body, what activities to perform, how much rest to give to yourself, how to manage stressful situations, etc. Yes, life can get hectic. But its not an excuse to neglect your mind and body-the essence of what helps you to function and perform at the highest level of your capacity in all areas of your life all day every day. Lets decide once and for all-no more excuses and crush them all one by one today.

What It’s Really All About

We keep hearing about benefits of eating healthy and working out but most of us do it mainly for looks. I see so many women nowadays who are only focused on those before and after pictures. Of course, who doesn’t want to look their best! I will be the first one to tell you that its an important goal. It makes us feel confident which translates into success in all areas of our lives. But we tend to neglect that feeling good is just as important, if not more. When you look at those before and after pictures, always remember to compare how you feel once you start eating clean and working out on a regular basis-more energy, better sleep, less bloating and just improved quality of life overall.

You Always Have a Choice

One of the arguments about time I hear over and over again is that sometimes you don’t have a choice. You have a super busy life and you need to grab something quick on your way to work, meeting, class, etc. Yes, burgers, fries and Coke are just around every corner-but so are fruits, lean meats and vegetables. The choice is always yours.


We are so good at creating excuses. So often I hear “She is just lucky because she has good genetics” or “Yes, I will see how she finds time to workout when she has kids”  or “I think with my body type its just impossible to get to where I want to be.” I know you heard me say this a million times but this type of unhealthy comparison needs to stop. First of all, you don’t know the circumstances of this person. You don’t spend every minute of every day with them.

Second, you are the only one responsible for your life and how successful you make it to be. You can come up with a million excuses why someone is more fortunate than you, but non of them will change your situation and make you feel better.

Third, yes, its true. Some people might have advantages that you don’t. They might not have to work as hard to get to where you want to get. So work harder! What is the point of sitting and complaining about it when you are the only one responsible for your well-being.
The advantages that someone else might have-have absolutely nothing to do with you, your goals and your life.
My senior year in college, I was slammed with daily exams, papers and projects since I was graduating with a double major. I was also working three jobs and had an internship. Needless to say, my life was overwhelmingly busy. Yet, I still made sure to find time to take care of myself.

I would get up at 5AM, no matter what was happening that day, to go swimming and then do some strength training. I would always go for the healthier choices in the cafeteria, no matter what other students around me were having. My fridge and purse were packed with healthy snacks that I could easy reach on my way to a class, work or internship. The very fact that my life was so busy, wouldn’t allow me to neglect my health. I knew I wouldn’t be able to function at the highest level or my capacity and to achieve my goals if I didn’t make my well-being a priority.

Finally, I know it can be hard not to compare yourself. As a woman, its almost as an instinct for us to see someone and automatically start comparing.
When it comes to fitness and healthy lifestyle, your goal should never be to look like someone else. It should only be to reach the highest level of your genetic potential. Period.
You can never look or be like someone else. Why? Because you are you-beautiful, authentic, unique self. Treasure that, concentrate on that, love that about yourself. Enough with excuses and comparisons.

Mind Games

When it comes to achieving your goals-its all mental. Its all in your head. Number one thing that always allows me to achieve goals in life-no matter how big or small they are-is a mindset that I am going to succeed no matter what.
I never ever have a back up plan for anything in my life because I don’t need it. Failure is the word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. I don’t care how big or small your dreams, goals or aspirations are-every single one of them is achievable. Every single one. There is absolutely nothing in this world you cannot do, have or achieve if you believe in yourself and know that you will succeed no matter what.

Action Plan

Now lets talk about the action plan. Its an absolute must. How about we will start one day at a time. Its doable, right? Pencil in a workout into your schedule, like you would with any important event. Organize your meals for the day, set an alarm for a few minutes earlier to meditate and lets do it. Focus on eating fresh and organic fruits, veggies and lean meats all day.

Start your workouts. You don’t need to dedicate an hour to it. If you haven’t worked out in awhile, start with 30 minutes. Go for a walk, jog, swim or do some strength training. Your main goal for this day is just to start.

Now see for yourself how you feel when you wake up the next day. Notice how much more energized, motivated and lighter you feel in the morning. This is your mind and body giving you a signal that you are on the right track. Perfect! Lets repeat all those things the second day. Now you begin to notice how not only your energy level and quality of sleep improves, but your midmorning and mid afternoon slumps disappear. Guess what? This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come!

You begin to notice that many health problems that you might have had start to improve. Your sinuses beginning to clear, joints are no longer stiff in the morning, heartburn and indigestion have become a thing of the past. Even serious health problems like high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol begin to improve. You become radiant-your skin is glowing, hair becoming soft and less dry. And of course if your goal is a weight loss, you’ll notice how its starting to drop. That will give you even more confidence and motivation to keep going. Your clothes will begin to fit a bit looser and people will start to notice. Great! Use these markers as your personal victories and keep going.

These little victories may take a few weeks or months, but the battles are won on a daily basis. Stay consistent and determined. One day at a time. And then these days will become weeks, the weeks become months, and you will eventually break through and reach your goal-whatever it may be.

No More Excuses

As of this moment, we are done with excuses. You are going to set goals, believe in yourself, keep going, keep pushing and I promise you will achieve every single one of them. And once you do, you will set more goals and achieve them again. You will not stop until you build the life you envisioned.

To help you get started, I am going to leave you this week with a 10-Minute Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout. It will take you almost no time to complete and you can do it absolutely anywhere. Challenge yourself to do as much of it as possible. Please remember that proper form is more important than how many repetitions you do.

If you are not able to complete some of the exercises-do a modified version. You will notice how after a couple of consistent weeks your body will get stronger allowing you to complete more repetitions while holding a proper form. You will feel tone, strong and motived to keep going. No more excuses, fabulous. Please remember that too busy is a myth. People always make time for whats truly important to them.

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