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To Thong or Not To Thong


Rio. Beach. Sand. Ocean. Heat. I am thirsty and I see a man just a few steps away from me selling coconuts. Perfect! I get up to buy one and as I am passing a group of Brazilian girls and guys I can hear them giggling. I turn around to see what the laughter is about, and with terror I see them pointing at my full-coverage swimsuit. I am getting embarrassed. I start walking faster but now more and more people start to notice my choice of swimwear. Soon the whole Ipanema beach, including colorful parrots, playful dogs and even the man with coconuts, is looking, pointing at me and laughing.

“I must buy a thong!” I screamed as I sat up in bed in the middle of the night. What a nightmare! As I slowly fall back asleep, I decide that I will begin my thong search in the morning.

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Dolce Vita (Chapter II)


My Rome,

Remember the first time you saw me? Twenty-year-old girl with a short, awkward hair-cut, and blue eyeshadow to match her blue puffy jacket, blue shoes and blue jeans. Blue everything! I can only imagine how funny I looked to you back then. It seems unreal that so many years have passed by since that day, so many different places I have travelled to throughout the years, and yet you are the only place in this world I call home. I came to you as a girl and you shaped me into a lady. Not only did you change my life, you also helped me to find my unique style, and more importantly, how that new look made me feel.   Continue Reading

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