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5 Reasons to Incorporate A Good Stretching Routine Into Your Day


If you’ve ever been to Rome, you couldn’t help but stumble upon the charming and magical garden of art and nature: Villa Borghese.

It crowns Rome in a glorious canopy of green and offers a breath of fresh air for its visitors year-round. Graceful trees, relaxing fountains, romantic walkways, serene lake, secret gardens and of course unforgettable views of the city at sunsets.

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3 Ways to Burn More Fat


Ladies, there has always been so much misconception when it comes to fitness and fat loss. It seems like every day you open up a magazine, watch TV, or talk to a friend and hear about a new “miracle diet” or a “magical exercise formula” that helps you to lose weight.

And most of the time each of those new “inventions” contradicts another, making the idea of a weight loss even more confusing, discouraging and frustrating.

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