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Should You Take a Break from Exercise on Vacation?


You made it! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for all year long- summer vacation! You’ve been working out, eating clean, trying on dozens of swimsuits, figuring out where to go and finally this is all behind you! Now you can just relax. Right?! But wait a minute! Should you just completely stop working out? What if you lose all those gains and results you worked so hard towards achieving all year? You won’t believe how many times I got asked these questions in the past month. Since you finally have some free time, sit down comfortably, pour yourself a glass of rosé and lets talk about the main topic of the summer season-should you take a break from exercise on vacation.

The Shocking Truth

You might actually heard this somewhere before and wondered if that’s true-“we don’t get fitter during our workouts.” Yep. That is true. The “getting fitter” part comes afterwards. While you eat and rest, your body gets to repair itself, making itself stronger and more efficient than before.

By working out consistently and progressing modestly-stressing the body to stimulate change, and then letting it recover and adapt-overtime we find ourselves running longer, lifting heavier weights, completing the whole set without a stop and just feeling and looking more fit.

But here is a trick-we usually don’t allow our bodies to completely recover between workouts. Some of the fatigue stays with us, gradually accumulating during long periods of consistent training and that leads to loss of motivation, difficulty sleeping, chronic exhaustion, etc.

So, should you take a break from exercise on vacation-especially if you’ve been staying consistent with your workouts-absolutely! Once you are back from vacation, you will not only feel more energy, but also motivation, to get back to your regular workout routine.

This is great news, especially for those of you who have been worrying about taking a break from your regular exercise routine! Now lets talk about specifics- how long should be your fitness break, what to do about your diet and other things you should consider.

How Long Should Be My Fitness Break

This mainly depends on how hard you’ve been working out. You want to take a break long enough to let all signs of fatigue disappear, but of course not long enough to lose all of your current fitness. If you’ve been training consistently anywhere between eight to ten weeks, you should take the whole week off.

Make the Most of Your Time Off

No, I am not referring to dancing on the tables at the Sea Satin in Mykonos, even though its a must when you go there. I am referring to staying active and finding activities that you normally don’t do throughout the year.

For example, if your regular routine is all about strength training, try rock climbing, swimming, beach volleyball, yoga, mountain biking, tennis, etc. The options are endless. This way you will not only stay in shape and have fun trying something new but also reinforce how much you love your strength training/weight lifting/running (whatever it is you usually do), helping to bring back the motivation. You never want your training to feel like a job.

What About My Diet

Now of course eating clean is another story. Stick as close as possible to eating healthy-lots of fresh fish, meat, veggies and fruits. Tis the season! Of course, since you are on vacation, you can throw in an extra cheat meal during that week, have a gelato after dinner or an extra margarita at lunch (why not!). This will give your metabolism a needed change as well.

There are numerous reasons why I encourage you to stick close to eating clean. The main one is of course to stay in shape. One of the biggest concern of all the girls who ask me about exercising on vacation is gaining weight. Staying consistent with your nutrition plan will not only prevent this from happening, but also will give you tons of energy during your vacation and prevent you from feeling and looking bloated.

In order to stick as close as possible to eating clean, I always advice my clients not to focus all their activities around food. Yes, its one of the greatest pleasures in life, but there are so many other exciting things you could be doing at the summer destination of your choice. Go parasailing, dancing, kayaking, exploring museums, swimming with dolphins, reading a book-the options are endless!

What Else?

If you have a chance, you can serve yourself some biological regeneration procedures as well. I am talking about getting a massage, a body wrap or relaxing baths. In addition, I encourage you to take care of you mind through meditation. Vacation is a great time to make it a habit. Plus, all of these things could be done even if you are spending your holiday at home.

The Bottom Line

Of course, I cannot leave you without giving you a Perfect Vacation Workout that consists of five brand new moves that you can easily do anywhere-hotel room, beach, park, poolside or your hotel room. This workout is only five minutes long and since all the exercises are completely brand new, its a great way to challenge your muscles in a different way. I filmed it for you in breathtaking Mykonos, where I travelled for the first time in my life this summer.

No matter what is the summer destination of your choice- enjoy every single moment, have a blast and of course stay active, fabulous!

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