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Stay Fit On Your Next Business Trip



“Get ready, Anastasiya. The next few months are going to be intense.”

My PR and a dear friend of mine warned me as soon as 2018 started. There is nothing I love more than being busy and productive, but I also know it means I will be traveling. A lot. And that of course leads to a hectic schedule, requiring tons of creativity on my part on how to stay fit and healthy while on the road.

I am not going to lie and tell you that maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle is always easy. It does require a lot of self-discipline and advanced preparation. But it is possible and therefore doable. And that means, fabulous-your healthy lifestyle is in your hands. You are in control. Always.

Since we already discussed 5 TIPS FOR EATING HEALTHY ON A BUSINESS TRIP, its now time to talk about staying consistent with your workouts while travelling. These tips will make your workout experience as effortless as possible while flying your fabulous booty all around the globe.

1. Scheduled Workout vs. Impromptu Dinner

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I leave my house for a business trip, it almost feels like the regular rules I follow at home don’t apply. Between business dinners and late night events, its easy to substitute your workout for an impromptu dinner, a cup of green tea for a glass of champagne and some grapes for a piece of velvet cake. And this is exactly why you must plan your workouts and nutrition in advance.

That means before you even leave your house for a trip, your workouts need to be penciled in. This way that time slot will already be filled when you are invited to an impromptu dinner. All you need to do is to smile and decline politely, citing a prior engagement.

2. Get a Personal Trainer

Now this one is a fantastic way to make sure that you not only intend to workout during a business trip, but will actually do it. I work with a lot of business women who are constantly on the go. So before leaving for a business trip, we plan days and times when we are going to workout online. And they know I will hold them accountable for every single workout they commit to before leaving.

If you don’t have a trainer who offers online workouts, once you arrive to your hotel, ask a concierge to contact a personal trainer for you. Trust me, its worth it.

3. Use The Space

So often when my clients go on a business trip, the first text I receive from them is a picture of a gym with a disappointed emoji underneath. Fortunately, this issue is easily solved. Next time you are on a business trip, try one of the bodyweight workouts from my YouTube channel.

I create every single workout keeping you in mind, my fabulous traveller. They never require special equipment, more than twenty minutes to complete or much space. They can be easily done in your hotel room.  If you are new to my channel, try one of my favourite BUTT AND THIGH WORKOUT next time you are on a trip and see for yourself.

It only takes five minutes to complete, but I promise by the end of the workout, you whole lower body will be more on fire than after completing an hour workout in the gym. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Alright, ladies! As I am writing to you from the airport, they just announced my flight. Time to board! I am on my way to the U.S. Excited to go back to my homeland for a couple of weeks and work on some exciting projects that of course I will share with you shortly!

Wishing you the most productive and successful year yet! If you believe in astrology-it predicts that 2018 is going to be mega successful for all of us. So buckle up! Its going to be a fabulous year! Bon voyage!

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Stay Fit On Your Next Business Trip

  “Get ready, Anastasiya. The next few months are going to be intense.” My PR and a...

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