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success stories

I love nothing more than working with women from all over the world so they not only achieve their biggest goals — losing weight, toning up, eating healthy — but also build and maintain these healthy habits for life.

If you want to see what my workouts and nutrition plans can do for you, read some of these amazing testimonies from the fabulous ladies of the Anastasiya Craze Community!

Sally Jackson

“In my first session Anastasiya discussed my health with me in great detail. I had quite a lot of muscle weakness due to a surfing accident in which I damaged my spine, and had not been able to do much exercise for a couple of years. I had trouble doing everyday activities like shopping because I didn’t have the strength to lift things from high shelves. I wanted to exercise but was worried about injuring myself.

“I went on both the diet and the exercise regime. Anastasiya pushed me to my limits without ever exceeding them, and paid careful attention to my form to make sure I wasn’t putting my body at risk of injury. 5 months later and I feel fantastic. My body is stronger and healthier overall, I can do exercises now I definitely couldn’t do when I started, I lost weight, I gained muscle, and as I feel so much stronger I’m confident enough to do all the sports I had to drop before.

“Working out with Anastasiya and staying on Anastasiya Craze Slim Down Meal Plan has massively improved my quality of life, and I really recommend it to others who want to make a life change.”

Giorgia Nicolò

“I have been doing workout with Anastasiya for a couple of months now and I must admit that I have already seen incredible progress in my body strength and shape. She has been able to motivate me so much that I have not missed one single class since we started. I think the secret is that the  exercises she gives me are always different, always creative and a bit more challenging than the session before.

“This has helped me to stay consistent and enthusiastic, always wondering what to expect for the next class and looking forward to it. Even during the training session, when I start feeling the fatigue, she is able to give me so much motivation that I hardly give up on any exercise. She designs a personal program so to give my body appropriate time to build strength and endurance.

“I have also used her YouTube videos when it was not possible to exercise with her in person and I would advice anyone to do so as well as they are fun, since they are always set in beautiful locations, and they helped me to stay fit. In other words they work!

“Anastasiya is absolute energy and professionalism. I think I have finally found what I needed to stay consistent and fit! Even my mood changes and is recharged after working out with her.”

Athi Ali

“I have been training with Anastasiya for about twice a week for two months now. The first day, I had no strength to even complete the workout! Gradually, from session to session, I started seeing huge improvements in my stamina … from not being able to hold a plank for 20 seconds to now getting close to 2 minutes.

“The workouts are really fun too, we hardly repeated any exercises in the last two months, and when you think you’ve got it all figured out, she ups her game! Exactly what I needed. Previously, I had paid a full year memberships and entered the gym maybe twice. I always tell Anastasiya, thank you so much for teaching me discipline. Totally worth every penny!”

Tessa Adamson

“I was very addicted to sugar before, mainly because I am currently working late office hours and feel drained. So I would go for a chocolate bar snack immediately to wake me up (I don’t drink coffee so I couldn’t use that as a caffeine boost). And dinners used to be very tricky because I would come home late and not have energy to cook.

“The nutrition plan, though I haven’t followed it 100% has been good in providing guidelines and I have adapted it to myself. It was impossible to stick to all of it and make all the changes at the beginning. It had to be gradual. I first began with dairy, then sugar and then alcohol.

“I still have cravings but they aren’t as frequent. And if I do indulge I don’t indulge a lot and I always counter balance it the next day immediately.
The results are that I have lost weight mainly around my waist (2 and a half kilos) which means my clothes fit me a lot better. ”

Stephanie Clark

“Hi, my name is Stephanie Clark and I am 24 years old from El Paso, Texas. I am so excited to share my results with you and just overall thankful that I came across your challenge. The last 30 days have really challenged my mind body and soul, but with you there every step of the way I felt motivated to continue pushing myself and make it all the way through.

“Even if i do not have the biggest transformation I want to thank you for helping me transform several aspects of my life throughout this challenge. I have become more confident, I am stronger, I am healthier, and I am just happier overall and I have you to thank for that.

“You are such and admirable and motivational person and I cannot wait to participate in more of your challenges in the future!! Thanks again so much for lighting a fire under my butt and getting me to a point where I can continue to progress and better myself!!!”

Stephanie Clark

Hanna Suni

I have worked out with several athletic instructors and personal trainers around the world and can say that Anastasiya Craze is the most inspiring and enthusiastic professional I ever met!

“She is always positive and encouraging, and completely personalizes every work-out to your specific needs. She is demanding and rigorous, but to the right extend. She is there for your for support and advice, but not in a pushy or aggressive manner.

“I loved working out with her for three months and the results I reached were overwhelmingly positive! I highly recommend Anastasiya to anyone looking to change their work-out routine and lifestyle and diet towards a healthy, positive and energetic direction.”

Hannah Magargel

Thank you for designing a Vegetarian Meal Plan that allows me to have a healthy lifestyle instead of a crash diet. I feel better, more energized, more alert, and lighter. The results, and your commitment, are the ideal motivation!

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