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What To Do When You Overeat: 3 Easy Steps That’ll Change Your Life



-Guys, I cannot have another bite. I am stuffed!

Sounds familiar?! Happy upcoming holiday season! This is truly one of the most magical and wonderful times of the year! The sense of celebration is palpable everywhere! You get to attend lots of parties, spend quality time with the loved ones and of course enjoy some delicious food that, lets be honest, you wouldn’t necessarily had during any other time of the year.

 One of the most important things that I want you to carry out from our discussion today is that no one expects you to eat perfectly 365 days a year. We are all humans and food is one of the biggest pleasures in life. There are absolutely no humans on this planet who eat perfectly year round. I will be the first time to admit that I overeat.
Just like we have certain guidelines that we follow when we workout, there are certain “rules” that are important to follow when it comes to overeating.  One of the most important things to keep in mind that those are rare occasions that should be reserved only for those special times of the year. Second, what you do afterwards plays a crucial role in getting back on track with your goals. Most people don’t realize that its not one meal that leads to getting off track with the progress, but its what they do afterwards.

There are three common mistakes people make after overeating that leads to gaining weight and getting off track from their goals.

First, they try to “compensate” for overeating the previous day by starving themselves or eating very little the next day. This only leads to slowing down your metabolism and therefore your progress.

Second, they tend to over-exercise to compensate for the amount of food they had the previous day. Pushing your body to the extreme unfortunately often leads to injuries and will definitely set you back with your goals.

Finally, they tend to overeat and feel so discouraged, guilty and angry at themselves about it that they decide to give up on their goals all together and to start eating everything in sight. This is an awful feeling that leads to depression and its a place where non of us want to end up.

Regardless if you recognize yourself in one of those three scenarios, today we will break it down into three easy steps that will allow you to stay on track with your goals after indulging into a big meal.

Step I

A. Peppermint Tea

This is something that should be done within the first hour after you finish with your meal. When you push your chair away from the table and feel like you are about to explode. We’ve all been there…

The first thing that you should do is to make yourself a nice cup of peppermint tea. It will relax your digestive system and will allow you to feel better right away. You want to sip on it and just enjoy its warmth. Its important to stay away from extremes and not make it too hot or too cold. Also don’t have too much of it and remember to sip (key word: sip).

A lot of people recommend to drink tons of water after your meal, but that would just make you feel even more full. Peppermint tea is the answer!

B. Stay Away From The Couch

It might seem almost intuitive that after a big meal, you just want to move your body from the table straight to the couch to watch the game or just take a nap. Not so fast! What actually tends to happen when you lay down after a big meal, you will put pressure on your stomach that will lead to more pain and unwanted heartburn. So what do you do? Stay active! After you are done with your peppermint tea, its a perfect time to take a walk. Go for a nice stroll in your neighborhood.

Now, if this sounds like the last thing you want to do-go and help out with the dishes. The goal is to start moving. If you move-the food will move. Guess what happens when you continue to sit still?

Step 2

If your big meal happened during the day, after about five or six hours you will be hungry (even if you swore a few hours earlier to never eat again). Now this is the key moment to slowly start getting back to your regular routine. Chances are you will be craving some leftovers you haven’t had a chance to try or the ones that tasted so good that you want to have them again. But in order to not exceed your caloric intake for the day and to get back on track with your regular routine, its time to put on breaks and focus on eating clean.

I recommend to choose the healthiest leftovers possible like protein, veggies and fruits. Fill up your plate with them and watch the portions. Yes, that means pecan pie will not be occupying space on your plate any time soon.

Step 3

This is the final step and one of the most crucial ones. The next day, get back to your regular nutrition and fitness routine. Start with a healthy, delicious and nutritious breakfast, followed by lunch and dinner.

In the meantime, get back to your regular workout routine (nothing extreme). That’s it! You are back on track, fabulous!

Tip: One thing that I advice you from is to get on the scale the next day. Why? Because if you ate some of the unhealthy food the previous day, chances are you consumed a lot of salt which will cause some water retention. And thats what your scale will reflect. I would recommend to wait a couple of days before stepping on them. That will not only show your true weight, but will also save you from feeling disappointed and discouraged the next day.
One of the questions I get asked often is what’s the difference between overeating on certain occasions and your weekly cheat meals. The main difference is that your cheat meals are not there for you to overeat but simply to satisfy your taste buds with something you’ve been craving. On the other hand, overeating is something that you reserve for very special and rare occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas or your Birthday. Thats the time when you just relax and allow yourself to indulge as much as you want.
I am wishing you the most magical season of all! Enjoy every moment, indulge responsibly  and as always-stay fabulous!

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