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Why You Should Always Warm Up


Bonjour, fabulous! Today I am taking you for an Ultimate Warm Up Routine to my dream location-Monaco, the second smallest country in the world and home to the world famous casino (who can forget those glamorous James Bond scenes!) and Grand Prix race. I was looking forward to visiting this place since I was a little girl and at last my dream became a reality.

Monaco was everything I imagined it to be-classy, glamorous, and…immaculately clean. If you ever wondered where you can wear your white tennis shoes without worrying of getting them dirty-that’s the place! With its majestic gardens, sunny beaches, glamorous cafes, shops and numerous attractions, like Prince’s Palace and Monte Carlo Casino, this country is definitely worth exploring and something tells me I will be back for more.

 Benefits of a Warm Up

Deeply inspired by the location, I wanted to create something extraordinary for you. This is how Ultimate Warm Up Routine came to life! These exercises can be used every time before completing your workouts. All the moves in this routine burn calories, tone the whole body and energize for the whole day!
Sometimes we are all tempted to skip that initial warm up process and jump straight into a workout. But proper warm up, as well as stretching, is extremely important.
It prepares your body for more intense workout by gradually increasing your heart rate and circulation which allows to loosen the joints and increase blood flow to you muscles.
In addition to physical benefits, warm up also is an excellent way to prepare yourself mentally for a workout. This helps to improve your technique and coordination.
I also talked about numerous benefits of stretching before and after workout in my 5 Reasons To Incorporate A Good Stretching Routine Into Your Day. As well as created Feel Good Stretching Routine in the magical gardens of Villa Borghese in Rome for you to enjoy prior to a workout or to relax and unwind after a long day.

 The Ultimate Warm Up Routine

If you are just as in love with this Ultimate Warm Up Routine, as I am, you can use it as your workout by completing two or even three sets of it in a row. You will definitely feel it afterwards.
And if finding time is a challenge on any particular day, this routine is only five minutes long. So you can work out your whole body, get inspired by the stunning views of Monaco and carry on with your day!
This workout is special for me, because I filmed it for you in my dream location that I wanted to visit ever since I remember myself. But for a kid from a small town in Soviet Union to see Monaco with her own eyes was just as likely as for you to get into a snow storm in the middle of a summer in Rio de Janeiro.
So the fact that I am here today is a miracle that I manifested into my life by believing in my dreams and first and foremost-myself. Soon I will share more of my personal story and why I am such a huge proponent of believing in yourself and going after your biggest goals and aspirations.
And for now I want to dedicate this workout to all of you girls, the dreamers and go-getters of Anastasiya Craze Community, who go for their dreams and refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

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